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How to get to Padise?

  • By bus no 146 Tallinn-Nõva.
  • By bus no 136 Tallinn-Paldiski.
  • By bus no 149 Keila-Audevälja
  • By bus no P5 Altküla – Paldiski

When coming by train, you have to choose Western trains from Elron’s schedule. Trains do not run directly to Padise, so you must choose a settlement as the final stop to continue the journey by bus or the most suitable stop by continuing the journey by bicycle. The train stop closest to Padise is Vasalemma.

By personal watercraft. Closest ports are:
Alliklepa sadam
Ristna sadam
Kurkse sadam
Lohusalu sadam

Padise is only less than an hour’s drive from both Tallinn and Haapsalu. If you follow a public road no 17, it is not possible to miss beautiful small village Padise with its manor and monastery.
You can park the car in the car park near the visitor center.