Padise monastery - a unique place in Northern Europe

After extensive restoration work Padise Monastery and its Visitor Center reopened in May of 2020. This is the only completely preserved Cistercian monastery in Northern Europe.

The renovated monastery and the new exposition highlight the significance and influence of the Cistercians in the cultural memory of Estonia and Europe. Many exciting discoveries were made during the conservation work. We discovered empty graves and an altar site under the floor of the church. From the ceiling of the church we found a fragment of plaster marked with blue and red paint. Traces of the same colors were also found on the arch band. From the floor of the crypt we found a burial site. These new discoveries change our knowledge of the Cistercians who lived and worked here in Padise Monastery.

The monastery complex offers its visitors an experience of the fusion of historical, spiritual and environmental. Come visit us and discover our gorgeous monastery church, crypt, a mysterious courtyard with numerous passageways and beautiful views of nature.

Four well-known movies were filmed on the grounds of Padise Monastery:

The Stone of Blood (1972)
Karoliine’s Silver Yarn (1984)
Musketeers Twenty Years After (1992)
The Secret of Queen Anne or Musketeers Thirty Years After (1993)