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By withdrawing from the world the Cistercians were able to follow strict daily routines. For them the key elements for operating a monastery were water, a mill and a garden. And thus the location of Padise monastery was carefully chosen to be in a forested area near the body of water, which offered the possibility to build fish ponds and a watermill.

Taking time off and walking the trails of the Cistercians in the beautiful nature of North-West Estonia will give you a feeling of harmony and balance. Padise hiking trails take you to beautiful landscapes and tall pine forests.

About a kilometer from Padise Monastery, on the bank of the Kloostri River, is Padise Old Town Hill. There, in a naturally well-protected setting was the ancient Estonian fortress, which is surrounded by a riverbanks from three sides. A marked hiking trail leads to the Old Town Hill, which is part of the RMK Peräküla-Aegviidu-Ähijärve hiking trail. RMK campfire site awaits hikers. We encourage everyone to take a walk on ancient paths and take this opportunity to refresh your body and mind.